Amphibious Lotion SPF50 Recall 2024

BullFrog Brands, LLC was recently advised of a product recall by our 3rd party manufacturer for 2 very specific production lots of Bullfrog SPF50 Amphibious Lotion.  
During a routine FDA audit, quality control tests have indicated that lot number 08623C2 and 08923C2 for the above referenced product have yielded out-of-specification results.  In total, these two lots total less than 10,000 bottles produced.  In each instance, there was found to be more active sunscreen ingredients added to the formula than listed on the product label.  While these results do not necessarily pose any immediate health hazard, we are taking proactive measures to ensure the safety and satisfaction of consumers.
As a precautionary measure, we request that you examine your purchases to determine if you have any units of the affected lot numbers.  The lot number would be printed on the bottom of the bottle just above the expiration date.  In almost any event, the product would have been sold and fulfilled by Amazon from 04/01/2023 through 11/01/2023.  
Upon examination of your purchase, if you find that you do have a product from one of these referenced production lots and you would be interested in a replacement product, please send the following information to
1) A picture of the bottom of your bottle, confirming the affected lot number
2) Proof of purchase from Amazon
3) Name and address for the replacement product to be sent to
To reiterate, we have no reason to believe that there is any risk or health hazard associated with this recall.  This recall is being conducted under the guidance of the US Food and Drug Administration.       
We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.
Team Bullfrog