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what are UVA Rays

What Is The Difference Between UVA & UVB

What Is the Difference Between UVA and UVB Rays?  What are UVA rays? What are UVB rays? Knowing the difference could save your skin. It's even more important that your sunscreen knows the difference. Being "sun smart" is the key to avoiding sun dangers. While sunburns, blistering, and peeling are painful enough to inspire us all to practice sun safety, the stakes are actually much higher than just having a vacation ruined by a bad burn. Exposure to the sun's ultraviolet (UV) radiation increases the risk for a deadly form of skin cancer called melanoma. Most sunscreens aren't protecting us...

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best sunscreen for winter dry skin

Do I Need to Wear Sunscreen in the Winter?

There's a wintertime myth that needs to be smashed. While many of us are "sunscreen smart" during summertime, we wrongly assume that winter's darker skies offer all the protection our skin needs. In truth, the weather report doesn't change our need for sunscreen. Sun damage can occur during any season of the year. What's more, you don't actually need to be exposed to peak sun to experience sun damage. Damaging UV rays can cause premature skin aging, dry skin, painful sunburn, and cancer risks on cloudy, dreary days with overcast conditions.  Do I need to wear sunscreen in the winter?...

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things every outdoor adventurer needs

Adventure Travel Gear Guide | Essential Items For The Outdoors

Nine Essential Items for the Outdoors  Having the right essential items for outdoor adventures makes trekking and exploring safer, easier, and more fun for the entire family. The art of packing must-haves for the outdoors involves making the most out of every inch of available space without cutting safety corners. This is why two-in-one travel products always make the top of the list. Take a look at nine things every outdoor adventurer needs. 1. A Travel Backpack Trying to repurpose an everyday pack for outdoor adventures doesn't work. Ordinary backpacks don't have the material, composition, compartments, and structure needed for...

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waterproof sunscreen and bug repellent

10 Must Haves Every Parent Needs For Spring Break Traveling

Spring break with the kids doesn't always feel like a break for parents. The right travel hacks can help! A successful, low-stress spring break with kids comes down to packing the right stuff. Take a look at the ten must-have items every parent needs when packing for spring break. Good Sunscreen and Insect Repellent Planning a great vacation falls on your shoulders. Don't let a bad sunburn fall on your kids' shoulders! A vacation is ruined pretty quickly once everyone gets sunburned and bitten after the first day. "Spring break" sunburns can be especially harsh because you're suddenly going from...

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